Meet the Team

Alex & Annie Pearson - Visionaries

Meet Alex & Annie Pearson, the two people who make everything happen.

Alex has the business mind and is full of new ideas and creative opportunities. He built each attraction, planned out the layout, puts out all the fires (literally with the fire pits and figuratively) and is constantly open to try new things. He’s our fearless leader who has put more sweat into the farm than the water that fills up the pond.

Annie is the sounding board for all the ideas and opportunities. You’ll find her on some weekends in-season helping us out at the farm inside of Gwen’s Goodies or helping people check out their pumpkins. In the off season Annie’s the artist behind most of our signs.

And we can’t forget their sweet girls, Gwen & Ruby who you will see tribute to at Gwen’s Goodies & Rockin’ Ruby’s.

Jerry & Joel Pearson - Hustlers

The OG Pearsons, Jerry & Joel.

Pearson’s Pumpkin Place wouldn’t be what it is without the support and help of these two.

The farm has been in Jerry’s family since 1947 and in 2010 these high school sweethearts took it over. They still use part of the land that we aren’t using for their own crops (corn and beans). We don’t know if either of them knew how involved they would be when Alex started this endeavor, but words can’t express how much we appreciate their help. Out of season Joel and Jerry are at the farm helping several days a week with anything and everything.

In season, you’ll see them at the farm everyday. Joel’s the best hayrack driver west of the Mississippi and Jerry is a jack of all trades and fills in helping wherever we need her.

Lanie & Brian Stutz - Creatives

Lanie is the Marketing and Event Director and the creative and the communicator behind the scenes. 

During the week, and in the off season, you can often find Lanie at a variety of networking socials and events. Lanie’s role on the farm consists of wearing many hats. Lanie is responsible for all of the website’s content, social media engagement, public outreach, event planning, and fixing slushie machines. During the pumpkin patch season you can find her in the ticket office 99% of the time.

We can’t forget about Brian!  If you see someone wearing neon or a mad scientist costume on the farm, it’s probably him. Brian is “voluntold” to help in all our large events and is our featured Mixologist.

Tracy Kimball - Foodie

Tracy is an amazing cook who is behind the scenes responsible for running food operations and is often found inside of Rockin’ Ruby’s.

Tracy came to work with us just a couple weeks before our 2023 season. She was thrown into the world of organizing our kitchen, ordering all the food, and helping plan the menu. She came to us with over 15 years of bar and food management experience when she owned a bar in Elk Creek. 

Tracy came in and established protocols, effectively trained staff, and manages order wait times. Food is so much more than just food. We are creating an additional experience that not only tastes delicious but adds so much value to the pumpkin place visit. Tracy has been at the front of all those decisions and processes. 

Sandy Holloway-Kratz - Popper

Sandy joined our team fall 2023 and quickly became our professional kettle corn popper.

Sandy has been helping us try out new flavors as well as staffing various vendor events. Not only does Sandy do all of our popping she’s also extremely crafty. She’s behind all the beautiful gourd art as well as various projects around the farm. 

In her free time Sandy loves to craft, spend time with her husband, kids, and grandkids, and spend time with her three German Shorthaired Pointer dogs!